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Solar is becoming a price competitive way of producing electricity. Your house can get closer to a Net Zero Home with Samus Venture Inc. A Net Zero House it's a house designed to use so little energy that can be self producing that amount along a year long. That would include lighting, heating, hot water and appliances. There are ways to reduce heat loss ( 30 cm thick walls, 66 cm attic insulation, etc.) and generate energy from sun and earth, among them solar photovoltaic panels and radiant hot water heating collectors.

Our Blue Alberta skies and that shiny sun

In Alberta we need to use energy to survive our harsh climate. We need heating and lighting during our long cold winter season as well as electricity for cooling during our hot summer days. But would you change anything in your energy and electricity use behaviour knowing that you pay double than your neighbour?

Alberta was blessed not only with underground energy reserves but also with renewable energy sources that are right here, around us. Hilly and mountaineous areas have streams that can carry hydropower. Windy zones can support wind generation. Sun all over the blue Alberta skies can produce solar power. Ask us what renewable sources of power you might have in your area. We'll tell you the way you can harvest it, and the cost you will pay for the installation. Eco conscious edmontonians made Edmonton with tens of Net Zero Houses one of the best cities in Canada to use natural energy.

Let us continue this trend together! 

Having solar?

It's a fun and entertaining way of being green!

Today's technology allows you to actually visualize your system slowly generating power on the cloudy days and quickly  adding kilowatthours in the sunny days.

Don't necessarily ask yourself what you can do for the environment... ask yourself how producing electricity under Micro-generation regulation can help you generate credits and like hundreds of homes in Alberta you can minimize your utility bill. We can help reducing carbon emissions without reducing the comfort in our houses, and helping ourselves, too.


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